Cate Calco Ltd.

Meet the shalley

The cover-up you never knew you always wanted.

Outfit transformations in a flash*

*Fairy godmother not required.

Key features

Easy side closures

Semi-adjustable magnetic side closures make the shalley easy to secure, and a long armhole keeps the area ventilated to avoid unsightly sweat marks.

A slimming fit

Our shalley is cropped to show off the narrowest part of your waist, giving you a slimming and flattering silhouette. 

Not-really-there sleeves

With a light layer of silk chiffon at the shoulders, our shalley gives you the appearance of sleeves without the closed, restrictive armhole that normally follows.

More wardrobe flexibility? Yes please.

Cocktail dress? Not just for cocktails.

With a shalley you'll get more out of your wardrobe by taking your favourite dresses out for much for fun. So wear that cocktail number into the office and head out for those happy hour drinks- without having to go home to change.


"The chiffon sleeves are pretty, the style fits and sits nicely, and it's very helpful I as am often rushed and on the move"

– Jess

"It's so versatile, I can use it for so many occasions: work, holiday, weddings... It smartens up your outfit."

– JF

"I like the style, the frills over the shoulders, the fitted cut, it's flattering to the figure, covers the full bust area, it's good for the office, the ventilation under arms, the look from behind... blends in so well with trousers, skirts, shorts, dresses. It's good for church too"

– Mariam

"I wish I had one when I was breastfeeding... that would have been very very useful!

– Carla

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