• Cate Calco . Feb 16 . 10:25 PM

Cate Calco Photo Shoot: behind the scenes

A peek into the people and the process involved in putting together our photo shoot.

One of the biggest parts of the preparatory work that goes into launching a new website and a new product (our Bella Shalley) is the photo shoot. We had a lot of fun on the day, but it ran like a well-oiled machine thanks to lots of planning and the support of some talented ladies.

The easiest part was selecting our photographer. I'm proud to have worked with...Read more →

  • Cate Calco . Jan 23 . 01:04 PM

Cate Calco starts 2019 with a new website

Cate Calco is launching into the new year with a new website and an updated shalley design in new colours to brighten things up this winter

Happy New Year! Here at Cate Calco we are looking forward to 2019, and we are already starting off the year with a couple of exciting new updates:

An updated look for our website

You'll noticed by now that we've been undergoing a bit of a makeover, and we hope you're as excited about it as we are. You'll notice several additions such as a new product...Read more →