Cate Calco Photo Shoot: behind the scenes

  • Cate Calco . Feb 16 . 10:25 PM
A peek into the people and the process involved in putting together our photo shoot.

One of the biggest parts of the preparatory work that goes into launching a new website and a new product (our Bella Shalley) is the photo shoot. We had a lot of fun on the day, but it ran like a well-oiled machine thanks to lots of planning and the support of some talented ladies.

The easiest part was selecting our photographer. I'm proud to have worked with Montana Lowery who not only produced some beautiful photography, but also provided lots of helpful guidance and insights from her experience that - for a fledgling start-up - was priceless. 

If choosing the photographer was the easiest part, choosing the wardrobe was the hardest. I spent weeks putting together what I felt (in the end) were perfectly matched outfits and shalleys that conveyed the spirit of the brand. I really wanted to convey our fun, bold and feminine style across looks that worked for special occasions, travel and holiday wear, or just going to work. To really express the benefits of having a shalley, strapless or low-cut looks were the obvious choices; I personally think this worked especially well in our workday-to-evening looks.

I was going to need support on the day, not to mention models, and Lauren Jobling came to the rescue. Lauren found the two beautiful ladies, Henrietta and Mauricia, who were our models on the day and represented perfectly the Cate Calco woman. She also put me in touch of Rachel who provided hair and makeup on the day, and facilitated logistics on and after the photo shoot. 

Many of the accessories on the shoot came from my own wardrobe (for example handbags, some earrings) but the vast majority of the beautiful earrings were kindly lent from Hep Audrey.

On the day itself, things happened to unfold almost like clockwork thanks to planning at its best: I had chosen spare outfits 'just in case', Lauren packed a spare steamer which turned out to be a life saver, and Montana adapted the session as we went along like the pro that she is. It really was a fantastic event and a fun-filled day of girl power at its best, and I hope you enjoy the photos and our shalleys as much as we do.


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